Administrative Area / Supplying companies

-Adapting the current land registry of the property.
-Arranging the urban development property status and obtaining permits for horizontal subdivision and derived procedures.
-Upgrading the existing service supplies to the new building requirements.
-Evaluation of administration grants.


The complexity inherent in the renovation management requires great doses of effort, clear criteria and strong professionalism in order to accomplish our goals.

Transparency + Trust

Acting with total transparency and building trust. It is essential to collaborate with the client under these premises; otherwise this kind of work would become harder.
We get fully involved in the projects as if they were ours, but with the indispensable professional perspective to fulfill our clients’ demands.
Our internal quality management policy allows an effective organization with continuous upgrading programs.

Working with seriousness and professionalism is a guarantee of success. Working with foresight is essential. Our activity not only consists in executing some restoration works or vacating a building. It also consists in studying case by case in order to create the best project and the optimal plan to achieve our goal and maximize profitability. The proposed actions can be either implemented directly or stay as future options.
Being rigorous professionals and taking care of everything, even the smallest detail, is basic to guarantee the solidity and seriousness of the proposal. Anticipating any possible consequence and keeping a global future sight is necessary to advance with security.
Complete management in building rehabilitation: working from all possible angles to minimize the risk – prevention of problems- and maximize the investment – providing solutions since the very first moment.

Another characteristic of the rehabilitation management and its complexity is that it requires the significant integration of different aspects. The legal, technical, economic aspects are intimately related, but, above all, there is the taxation aspect. This feature is intrinsic in all kinds of renovation projects, from low cost operations to large developments, fact that emphasizes its particularity. .