IMUS Rehabilitació is a benchmark company in the area of real state rehabilitation.
We manage projects from start to finish, reaching the goals set by the client quality control, cost and time.
We focus on , improving the urban heritage of our cities by adapting buildings to the current quality standards as well as the new ways of living and working.
Working to achieve the best project: the most convenient for our customers and the most suitable for the building.
Because building restoration is future, because we love our work, and because we know how to do it!.

Imus + Internacional + Innovation + Imagination
Refurbishment + Research + Restoration + Rigor

In order to offer the best service, we have a highly qualified and experienced staff and we collaborate with external experts such as architects, technicians, artisans and providers. This allows us to provide with all resources necessary to carry out all kinds of competitive projects.
By offering an overall view of the building refurbishment activity, the value of the building is increased from all possible fields of action.

Key issues in our proposal
  • Transparency + Trust

    Acting with total transparency and building trust. It is essential to collaborate with the client.

  • Flexibility + Versatility

    In all areas of the contemporary society, flexibility is essential.

  • Added Value

    Working with seriousness and professionalism is a guarantee of success.